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Why Cloud Services?

Cloud Service delivers data storage via the internet for your company’s servers, databases, networks, software and other applications without having to invest in larger infrastructure. It costs less, is typically more secure and provides more storage availability for your growing business. For your business to flourish in this cloud era, you need the best-in-class, speedy and responsive cloud technology that is able to maintain even the most intricate business infrastructure, while promising complete data security. In today’s ever-changing digital market, having a comprehensive cloud-based service for your company’s storage is a necessity.

The Spark Cloud Approach

The Spark Cloud platform provides a wide range of cloud based services like server virtualization, data protection, email encryption and archiving. With the broad portfolio of private, public and hybrid cloud platforms, Spark Cloud enables it’s client’s businesses to attain infrastructure stability. Spark Cloud offers customized cloud technology to meet specific needs of each of it’s client’s businesses. This services provides client’s with increased storage ability, faster speeds, enhanced security and many other advantages. The following are just some of the advantages of a comprehensive cloud based management system from the Spark Team.

  • Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud
  • Server Virtualization and Management
  • Data Protection
  • Email Encryption
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Google Cloud Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Office 365

In today’s digital arena, storage, protection and server speed is essential to run a smooth operation. Contact the team at Spark to review your options for providing cloud based services for your company.