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Hosting Services

Hosting services, much like cloud services are simply outsourced IT systems and functions which are provided usually over the internet by support teams like Spark Technologies. It provides management and hosting over various sources of infrastructure, software systems and also administrative tasks. All with the intent of providing ongoing support and management of your computer and data systems.

Data Centers

Data Centers are common in many organizations. They are the support centers for components necessary for the operation of the company’s data management. Data Centers handle the processing of storage, data backup, email management, hardware management, managed user authentication and other functions crucial to running a business. At Spark Technologies we understand how important it is for your business to run smoothly and we know how critical your computer systems are in the fluidity of your operation. We provide 24 hour data center management, ongoing maintenance and emergency service when needed.


VPN (Virtual Private Networks) are methods used to add security and privacy to networks both public and private. They are commonly used by companies to add security to your internet and wifi networks. VPNs were originally created to protect information while employees worked remotely outside the office on resources and information connected to the company’s server. With more and more employees working remotely VPNs are more critical today. All data traveling through your server, phones, tablets and laptops can be encrypted securely. Spark Technologies can provide services to set up a VPN program for your organization which will add the extra layer of protection you need.

In the end, it is all about managing the relationship with our clients and ensuring their systems are running efficiently, safely and with the proper backup. If something goes wrong, you can count on the Spark Team to be there to address the issues fast and get you running immediately.